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Dr. David Azar and his staff are the best I look forward to my 5 star visits! The office is very clean and I'm always greated with friendly faces and that's a big plus. I am very happy with my implants and I can finally smile and feel confident about myself you have changed MY LIFE!!

By: S.D.

Terrified of dentist? That’s me. I’ve never had a good experience at the dentist, which is a primary reason why I allowed my teeth to deteriorate so badly. These bad experiences began at childhood. So in my mind a weeks worth of home remedy was better than even an hour at the dentist. Today I am faced with little choice: Either grow up, be responsible and face the fear, or foolishly suffer unnecessarily. I found Dr. Azar. I had the first procedure (extractions) completed just yesterday. I experienced the same fears. However, as it turned out, the fear was unfounded. The after pain - none at all, not even a little bit. The follow up swelling - none. That was surprising. The constant bleeding - none of that either; and I just knew to expect the bleeding as there were multiple extractions. Moreover, my appointment was at 1:00pm, I arrived late, around 1:30pm. I was back home at around 3:30pm. Close to an hour of that was travel time. Finding Dr. Azar was tantamount to finding that great mechanic: He won’t cheat you, and he’s highly competent.

By: S.T.

Dr Azar and his staff is amazing!!! They treat you just like family. I had a bone grafting done and everything is well right now. I just want to say big thank you to him for his help.

By: I.A.

Dr. Azar did a great job with no pain at all . My teeth look great and lots of compliments . If you are looking for dental implants , Dr. Azar is the doctor you want to know ,he will take care of you and treat you rite . And also he was the best price that I have found and I looked everywhere ... thank you

By: S.C.

I usually don't do reviews. But after my experience with Dr. Azar, I thought I had the need to give him a review. Dr Azar and his staff are exceptionally wonderful. They make you feel very comfortable and are very caring. His office is very clean. I got full implants done on my upper teeth. I must say... after seeing and experiencing a surgery like that I have a lot of respect and trust in Dr. Azar. He is far from being just a regular dentist. He's amazing. He's funny, caring and very straight forward. I strongly recommend Dr. Azar for any Dental procedures. No need to look else where.

By: E.C.

What an amazing and professional experience! I had a wisdom tooth extracted and legit did not feel any pain whatsoever, the whole procedure didn't take that long either! And everyone was friendly and supportive... I'm so grateful. They are gentle and understanding...highly recommend! THANK YOU TEAM.

By: D.M.

I came to Dr. Azar as a referral, but he instantly treated me as if I was a longtime patient. Dr. Azar is incredibly courteous and professional, and more importantly, he is communicative. He told me exactly what was going on with my oral health, and was forthright in terms of treatment options, cost, and expectations. This is so, so rare in the field of dentistry and it was a welcome change from the status quo. It was immediately evident how much Dr. Azar cares about the wellbeing and comfort on his patients, both in and out of the treatment chair. His office is conveniently located, his office staff were warm and friendly, and I barely had to wait at all. He did not waste my time and his prices are extremely reasonable for the exceptional work he does. I highly recommend Dr. Azar for his professionalism, straightforwardness and excellent work. This was one of the best experiences I have had with a dentist in the city; I am so glad my search for a great dentist is over!

By: A.N.

I had 2 cavities filled in early July. After having the cavities filled the teeth in question began to feel more sensitive, and the sensitivity did not wear off after 2 weeks, after which I started wondering if this was normal. I went in to see Dr. Azar for a second opinion as he came highly recommended by a friend. He recommended removing the cavities to see if they hadn't properly bonded to the teeth or if the nerve had been affected. I had stopped chewing on the left side of my mouth thanks to the sensitivity. So while I didn't want to have the cavities redone, I knew it was the probably the only solution. Dr Azar was very knowledgeable and assured me there were options once the cause of the sensitivity was determined, so I decided to move forward with his recommendations. He spent a solid hour and a half working on the cavities. He was very thorough and let me know what to expect at every step. He took his time to make sure he did a perfect job. At the end he explained what I could expect and gave me explicit instructions on how to manage any pain, and what to do in case of emergencies. I was thankful for that. I am even more thankful now, as the sensitivity is gone! I can hardly believe I can brush my teeth or drink cold water again without wincing. I am so very glad I found Dr. Azar!"

By: S.M.

I have been going to the dentist over 20 plus years. In and out of the network. I am extremely happy today because I went for a follow up cleaning and checkup and for the first time in a long time, I rinsed and I didn't have any blood. Also my gums are healing. Thank you and to your staff.

By: Evelyn P

Dr. Azar is the best!!!

By: Claudette R.

Being able to smile is the best therapy. For several years I was not able to smile or show my teeth. Dr. Azar ROCKS! He brought me back to being happy and having a wonderful Smile again!

By: Gladys V.

Dr. Barry Habib, Prosthodontist: "Dr. Azar has been my dentist since 2005 and he is by far the best dentist I know.'

Dr. Ronald Mizrahi, Orthodontist: "There are only a few dentists I would let work on my teeth. David Azar is at the top of my list!"

Dr. Rafael Mosery, General & Implant Dentist: After waiting several years to choose a dentist to do his cosmetic dental work this is what he had to say: "Dr. Azar is highly skilled. I am very happy with the porcelain veneers he made me. I give him two thumbs up!"

Here's what E.D. in NYC on business from Miami had to say after her URGENT emergency visit: "Dr. Azar is a lifesaver! professional, thorough, and truly skilled - i wouldn't go to anyone else in the city."

Best. Dentist. ever. Dr. David E. Azar. Root canal today and literally no pain!

By: L.M.

Dr. Azar the best dentist in the world…At the moment I'm doing Invisalign…I can attest to the work Dr. Azar does. He has been my dentist for over 10 years and I love him as a person and as a dentist.

By: A.G.

Dr.Azar has been my dentist for the last 9 years and is by far the BEST!!! Everyone that works there is very friendly and professional and because I have been going there for so long, I feel like family :) I am also the FIRST Smile Ambassador to join the program! All the procedures I have gotten done by Dr. Azar have been top notch...I have always had great teeth but I always want to make sure I keep them perfect and beautiful and its all thanks to Dr. Azar and his team!!!

By: P.P.

From a mother whose 18 year old son had his front tooth knocked out by a baseball:
Dear Dr. Azar,
I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to squeeze my son in when he needed you most. There really is no substitution for quality care. Your fine work, as evidenced in my son's mouth is the reason why I have been a patient of yours for over twenty years. Thanks again for the great care you have given me over the past two decades.

By: Sincerely, A.F.

"The overall experience was excellent. Dr. Azar is the best, especially for implants The plaster casts he made of the teeth were great, I could see what needed to be done."

By: H.K.

"My comfort level during and after my implant procedure was excellent. After putting this procedure off mostly from being skeptical, or just flat out nervous, the implant procedure was done and I have to say up to now it is better than I expected"

By: A.K.

"Dr. Azar's preparation before the implant procedure was excellent. The pain level was better than expected, I did not have to use any pain medication."

By: N.G.

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